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Overheat Searing Grill - gas question

PostPosted: 03 May 2019, 12:26
by JGR
Hello, I have bought this device: ... B07LH2WZ77

The product was manufactured for use in Germany and Austria and was delivered (to the UK) with a 50mbar gas regulator. The manual says that the the burner diameter size (0.85mm) is designed for 50mbar, while in other countries (37mbar gas pressure) the diameter is 1.0mm.

I have connected the 50mbar regulator via a Gaslow adaptor to a Calor gas bottle. I understand that the standard pressure of these bottles is 37mbar (?).

Will this cause any issues? I guess it may reduce performance (which would be unfortunate as the whole point of this grill is heat).

I would appreciate if anyone has any views or recommendations.

Best, Jorg