Buying a Commercial Chargrill

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Buying a Commercial Chargrill

Postby MarkW1979 » 11 May 2018, 07:35

Hi all,

I hope someone might be able to help me.

I am looking to recreate the chargrilled taste of the kebabs and peri-peri style chicken I get from certain takeaways and Nandos and I want to use gas for ease of use. Very few domestic bbq's seem to have the burner power anywhere near that of commercial chargrills (and they tend to be the larger more expensive bbqs or the side burner style). Looking on ebay, for example, there is a 2 burner 16KW chargrill for just over £400 - think this equates to around 55,000 btu (or around 27,500 btu per burner). There is no domestic bbq burner that can come close to that as far as I can see?

So my question is, for the purposes that I require, is there anything against buying a (cheap) LPG commercial chargrill vs a domestic gas bbq?

I suppose a further question is: Having never owned a gas bbq I don't actually know whether any would be sufficiently powerful to create a decent charred taste? I like the look of the new Everdure Furnace BBQ by Heston Blementhal which claims to be the most powerful in it's class however it seems to be only 8,000 btu per burner (albeit with a lid for better convection cooking).

Many thanks in advance,

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Still Raw Inside
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