Lemon Chilli Tiger Prawns.

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Lemon Chilli Tiger Prawns.

Postby stickthekettleon » 20 Oct 2009, 14:14

One of the only things that gets me about competition BBQ is the lack of fish dishes.

Here goes.

You'll need.
10 - 12 Uncooked, whole tiger prawns (the bigger, the better).
Rough sea salt.
Black pepper (freshly ground).
1 Lemon.
1 Lime.
1 Birds eye chilli.
Olive oil.
Tin foil.


* Roll out about 2' of tin foil and then fold in half. The idea is to make a double layer of foil that's roughly square shaped.
* Drizzle on the olive oil and use some kitchen roll to coat the foil.
* Slice the lemon and lime in half, keep one half of each intact and thinly slice the other half (approx 3mm, the thinner the better), then cut those sections in half again to create half moon sections.
* Thinly slice the chilli across its section to create little chilli ringletts. Remove any seeds.
* place 4 prawns on the foil nose to tail, place a 5th prawn on top in the middle.
* put a half - moon slice of lemon and lime on each prawn, put 1 ringlet of chilli on each prawn (Beware the chilli, :twisted: , the juices mix in the foil when cooking so start out with very few at first. You can always put more in the next time you cook this dish).
* Sprinkle on some salt and grind on some pepper.
* Put another "layer" of prawns on this and repeat with the Lemon,lime,chilli and seasoning.
* Repeat until you're out of prawns.
* Grab the half lemon and squeeze some juice over the lot.
* Repeat with the lime.
* Bring the 4 corners of the foil together and gather the edges to make a foil parcel. The idea is that the lemon and lime vapours stay in the parcel to flavour the meat so try to make your parcel reasonably air tight - ish.
* Can be cooked over direct heat or in a smoker. They're done when they're pink.
- Direct heat 20-25 Mins
- Smoker 40-45 Mins

Serves as a wonderful side or starter with some med veg or potatoes. :D
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