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Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2015, 10:44
by Crowdedbar
The wife had persuaded me to be part of a shopping trip to Nottingham last Saturday (this is after the planned trip to the Norfolk coast was postponed due to bad weather forecast) - agreed as long as we could eat at Red's.
Arrived at approx 3.30pm and told that there would be about a half hour wait (more time for the wife to shop). We were seated fairly quickly on our return and the guy and girl on front of house explained how the whole ordering process worked - what and wasn't available at that time. Found this really helpful as there's nothing worse than being told once you been at your table for some time.
Anyhow, my two kids went for the kids meals - one with ribs, the other with the pulled pork slider. The wife opted for pulled pork combo plate (with 2 onion rings), I went for the Brisket combo plate with 'Frickles' (battered pickles).
When the meals arrived, I was not disappointed with the portion size - my plate had 4 large slices on prime brisket, really juicy with a great char - absolutely melted in the mouth. My son's pulled pork slider was absolutely huge and stuffed full of meat. Likewise my wife's combo. My daughter had 4 baby back ribs and as a side, she had chosen some cheesy nachos. She wasn't too keen on these, as she thought that the BBQ sauce was rather sharp tasting - my son and I polished these off without complaint.
There was definitely no room for desert and both my kids struggled to get through their ice creams (included in the very reasonable inclusive price of £6.50)
When we came to pay the bill, my wife mentioned to our server that I 'dabbled' a bit with smokers at home!! To my surprise he did no more than go and speak to the pit master and they allowed me around the kitchen to have a good gander at the 2 big smokers they use and all the prep areas. I was able to ask lots of questions and this was whilst service was still going on. Really friendly guys and interested on my approach to home BBQ. I mentioned the size of the slider and one of the chefs just laughed and said that they were using the regular buns instead because they were more readily to hand.
To top this off, just as we were about to leave, the girl on the front of house handed me some of the Red's packet rubs and a bottle of sauce with their compliments!
Fantastic customer service and very memorable brisket. The hours drive to Nottingham was worth it and I am up for another of the wife's shopping trips.
Julian - Crowdedbar

Re: Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2015, 14:22
by Kiska95
Now that's nice to hear!!!!! :D

Re: Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2015, 09:13
by essexsmoker
Good to hear! Makes me want to go now! Just the 4hr drive puts me off! Bugger. Lol.

Re: Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2015, 09:23
by Kiska95
There is one in Shoreditch which is a bit closer for you and a one in Leeds which is closer for me! :D

Re: Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2015, 12:18
by essexsmoker
Oh , that sounds promising! Might have to pay a visit.

Re: Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2015, 14:14
by dannysmith43
A guy at work bangs on about the one in Manchester all the time, he fancies himself as a bit of an amateur chef and rates this place very highly...think I might need to make a trip!

Re: Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2015, 15:17
by Smokin Monkey
My son has been to the one in Nottingham, really enjoyed it, but says my Ribs and Belly Pork are Better!

Smooth Talker

Re: Red's True BBQ, Nottingham

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2015, 17:38
by Kiska95
Well I decided to take the plunge and go to Reds True BBQ Leeds.

Me and Mrs Loshy had been on our Jollies with the dog and on the way back from Henley on Thames I decided to call into Leeds and get a BBQ takeaway. Well it would be wrong not to, just for testing :D

Now I thought I would be very objective about the food and Reds in general but the opinions are only my tastes and views which will differ to some other folk.

The restaurant itself was all dark planked woods and mysterious which had a nice ambiance; the smell sublime. I was greeted at the door like a long lost friend by the young guy serving who was very attentive. I chose various items from the take away menu ( I will describe later) and was expecting a long wait, it wasn't they were quick but were quiet at the time!. In the interim short wait the guy offered to show me the smokers and cooking area which was a treat. Rotating smoker grills not large but sufficient. and yes the briskets et all, were wrapped in paper just like Franklin's. Back at the waiting area (table) I decided to try the sauces and all were nice however the serving guy came up and said which one would you have at home? I said the KC sauce and he gave me a bottle to take home FOC :) So up to now Reds is getting 10 out of 10 for restaurant and service

To the food, I ordered................
Beef Jerky @£3.50 small portion
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno @ £4.95 for 3
Pit beans @ £2.95 small portion
Pulled Pork @£5.00 for 200g
St Louis Half rack @ £12.50
Beef Ribs @ £8.50 for 300g
USDA Black Angus Brisket @ £7.50 for 200g

So first observation is "Expensive" and yes I was just over £45 down on the take away and Mrs Loshy don't do BBQ :|
The jerky was poor and not a lot of it. It must have been larger pieces dried then finely shaved, not Jerky as i know it bit more like SA Biltong
Jalapenos were very nice and smokey but no cheese or anything in the middle so not ABT's as I know them and very pricey for only 3?
Pit beans nice with lots of pulled pork mixed in but it just seemed to be ordinary Heinz beans and Kidney beans (????) with a bit of spice?????? again not BBQ pit beans as I know them
Pulled pork very juicy, tender and smokey with what must be the signature spice good but spice left a hot nondescript aftertaste. At their prices they are selling at £25 per kilo ( but just £2.00 per Kilo to buy)
St Louis half rack again very tender and meaty with good bark but not a huge taste profile as in the pulled pork. However they were the smallest half rack I have seen! bones only as thick as my little finger and only as long as my fingers and I have small hands @ £12.50 for a half rack so a full rack must be less than a kilo (750g?). Megga expensive at over £30 per kilo. Bear in mind a 10KG box of these ribs (which I have had) is under £30 quid,
Beef ribs very tender but overwhelmed by what I think was Mesquite smoke. Tasted a bit like burnt motor oil, Not a huge amount of meat on the top of the rib (top muscle cut off) but a rich red all of the way through so huge smoke effect due to thin muscle on top. At their prices at £28.33 per kilo very expensive, when only £2.97 per kilo to buy.
Brisket not sure about being Black Angus USDA and who would know the difference but it was the best overall item. Very tasty and well cooked, good smoke ring, moist without being over powered with spice not even sure they had used any S & P as it wasn't detectable and would have been nice. Again at the price they are charging its £37.50 a kilo. Sheezh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Turner & George is only £8.10 per Kilo to Joe Public and I can get brisket for £4.00 to £5.00 per KG
By the way Rib Tips are at £5.50 per 175g so £31.42 per KG and burnt ends at £6.50 per 250g so £26 per Kilo

So overall.....................
Restaurant and staff 10/10
Food 7/10
Price 2/10 for 10 times mark up (but they no doubt have expensive overheads)

I know the guys charge around £6.00 for a pulled pork or beef sarnie, which will have between 175g and 200g of meat so they are sort of in line with your pricing for PP but yours includes bun etc, theirs is £8.95 with the bun!

Food was good but just failed in a couple of areas so for the none BBQ type foodie its a lovely experience. But at the prices could you afford to do it on a regularly basis? You should as its not really a special occasion place. If you go for just one dinner item then its OK compared with the prices of Pizza Hut et al. but as a sampler menu its a wallet killer

Would I go again? No but just because I can and have produced better on all counts and of course the price. It has inspired me to keep improving my technique and possibly sell my wares.

By the way in comparison I stayed in The Black Boys Inn beside Henley on Thames and for just £60 per night per room (not per person including the dog) I had a great time had 2 massive full English breakfasts (also one for the dog!!!!) as well now that's proper value for money!!!!! :D