Cooking on an open BBQ for a change

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Re: Cooking on an open BBQ for a change

Postby keith157 » 06 Jul 2012, 10:25

KS you are forgived for being off topic, provided it was just a "flash in the pan" ;)
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Re: Cooking on an open BBQ for a change

Postby Pecker » 06 Jul 2012, 10:40

KamadoSimon wrote:It was 1.8 KG - actually just over. First time we had done it like that - and yes it was a little over from what we normally eat beef. But it was still medium. Depends on the temperature on the oven I guess, we had it as low as it would go & then seared. I prefer cooking reverse sear just because of the fact it is easier & quicker to bring our Kamado up to a higher temperature than it is to sear at a high temperature and then bring it back down to finish the cook. I started out with these cuts by searing & then closing the vents and letting it cook in the residual heat - but unless you get a completely air-tight seal you get the charcoal continuing to smoke & the smoke that produces can make for quite a bitter taste.

Great technique - I suspect your rib was very tender after cooking it this way.

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