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Firepit Fuel

Postby bsnalex » 01 Jun 2015, 19:44,cos_9.4,cos_9.4.2/169593

Just picked up this little number. Not sure when I'll use it given that it's currently 9 and pouring in Brum, but oh well.

Can anyone recommend a good fuel to use for firepits? Is it best to simply use some tree logs, or should I go for that "chimnea fuel" that I see at all the petrol stations? If logs, what type would be best?
Got Wood!
Got Wood!
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Re: Firepit Fuel

Postby derekmiller » 02 Jun 2015, 08:49

I use the Weber firepit which looks like it has a slightly larger area. I tend to start it off with a chimney of briquettes and then top it up with a little bit of house coal. I then use logs to keep it going, currently using Willow and Conifer, but will use whatever I can get my hands on as long as it doesn't burn with a lot of smoke. Last year started making paper bricks/logs with a press, but haven't had the time or inclination to try them out yet.
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