Beef Ribs 1st attempts

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Beef Ribs 1st attempts

Postby lozzy » 20 Jan 2014, 13:04

Hi all

I had a go at beef ribs on the weekend :D

I put on a dry rub

consisting of

brown Sugar

set the smoker up I used the rest of some briquettes I had remaining from my last smoke for the first half of the smoke and i used a oak wood split in there for some flavor

3 Hrs in

(resizing pic

I used the thermometer and said they were done at 184f i tried one but was quite tough still. but they looked like they hadnt pulled back enough

I moistened them up again and put them in for another 3hours and the meat had totally transformed them after 6.5 hrs they were incredible even my mum at them :mrgreen:

(just uploading pic)

Half way through the cook I swapped to the heat beads needless to say im converted to these I used 1/3rd of a chimney and the temp stayed at a constant 235f! i was impressed I could actually leave the smoker unattended for a while
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Still Raw Inside
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Re: Beef Ribs 1st attempts

Postby Toby » 20 Jan 2014, 15:50

with beef ribs (and most BBQ) you need to forget about the standard temps for cooking. The old saying its done when its done is a given rule. I normally foil for the second part of the cook this will speed up the tenderising and pull off the bone.

The ribs sound fantastic\! looking forward to seeing the pics
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