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Postby British BBQ Society » 19 Aug 2011, 08:57

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the lack of contact, BT have been trying to fix our boadband issue for over a week and have finally succeded!!

I have organised a generator for rudgwick, it will be £20 per hookup, this does not come close to covering costs but every little helps.

As we are vending over the weekend the refrigerated trailer is out of bounds, so please make sure you have made provision to keep your meat chilled before inspection on Saturday.

I will be onsite on Thursday organising site pitches, I asked previously for teams to let me know if they were leaving on Sunday or Monday, please email me toby@bbbqs.com to let me know if you have not already done so.

You are now able to drive on site upto 9am (previously 8am) to setup.

Hand in times will be as follows

12:00 Chicken
12:30 Ribs
13:00 Pork
13:30 Brisket
14:00 BBQ Sauce
16:00 PIt Masters Presentation

12:00 Beans
12:30 Vegetables
13:00 Potato
13:30 Anything Butt
14:00 Dessert
16:00 Presentation To include announcing Overall British BBQ Champion for 2011 and Jack Daniels Representative.

I will update further info later, just wanted this to be my first post after my absence.


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