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Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2015, 21:07
by wade
I think it improved this week and shows a lot more promise. Yes there were mistakes but some of them actually showed skills. Fish is not the most forgiving thing to cook on the BBQ and the fruit Kebab looked really good.

I was wondering about the temperature probes last week too but I got the impression that you were only allowed to use what they provided. You would expect that it would include a Thermapen at least though.

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2015, 06:34
by wade
The couple of incidents of raw chicken over the two weeks are not good but we should not let that be the only thing that we focus on. I have re-watched the raw chicken bit this week and the way the judges handled it was OK. It may unfortunately give the public the wrong idea about how easy it is to cook a spatchcock chicken but it did show something that many people may not have seen before.
There were also some good ideas this week from the other competitors. I liked the way he cooked the lobster. I have only ever cooked it either in the shell or out of it. Partially removing the meat to add the marinade and then pushing it back in the shell to cook was something I had not thought of doing before and I will try.

It is a real shame though that they are not showing more of the technique that the competitors are using as they do in the GBBO. You get a quick flash of them doing something, often at a distance, and then the camera moved on to something else.

I cannot say that I am eagerly awaiting next weeks episode but now I feel that at least I will watch it.

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2015, 08:06
by Matsuya
I genuinely debated whether to watch it, as I had been so disappointed last week (and I've got some box set binge watching to do!). In the end I can't resist watching barbecuing.

I agree with most of the comments already on here, so I won't repeat them. I suppose there may be the opportunity for a 'back to basics' challenge somewhere along the line - give everyone a 1.5" steak and see the how people fare.

Of course, while we might enjoy an hour long debate on the different types of charcoal and exactly what kind of ash coating you should get to before taking the coals onto the grill, and which minion method is best, that's not going to make ITV much money.

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2015, 10:33
by beercan
Totally agree Wade you can see some of them are starting to up their game and realising what they need to do on a show like this.
Regards being allowed to use a probe Im sure I saw Simon using one last week so maybe thats just something being edited out.
I think Solomon was possibly the right one to go he certainly struggled this week and you just know as the challenges progress hes probably going to get out of his depth
You can see its certainly going to get tougher as they are whittled down and I think we are already getting some ideas who the dark horses could be.
the other thing is we may get to see a little more of techniques etc as the numbers drop hope so anyway.
Have to say a lid in the chops must have stung a bit I think their bleep machine would have been on overtime if that was me !

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2015, 12:35
by Kiska95
It was better, well a lot better!!! but the poor buggers are right up against it with time so I just wonder why over complicate? I can only think they have been told to go big for the show. On GGBO they get much longer to cook so why not here? but the chef with the teeth probably knows the timings well as he mentions them all of the time, could be him advising?

The guy with the Lobster and Pork belly kebab recipe was a winner!! and good shout with the lobster marinade trick they do it with rock lobster in Thailand. But those ingredients, Lobster, Prawn, Tuna etc. must have been a fortune to buy? cant see many people being able to afford to run out to the shops to do that?

Was it me or did it all look like it was all directly cooked, no indirect grilling? hence the over caramelizing (char)

I'm still puzzled that a load a of them are still saying "never cooked with this or that before" and I thought they were suppose to be able to fillet, the fish looked decimated. Don't think the big lad had seen a fish before.

I think the Irish lass was better to keep just seems that most of every ones ideas seem to be woven from theory not from any hands on work

I'm with Wade about the Thermapen.

Felt for Emma getting a crack in the nose, that looked like it really hurt bad, she looked like she was going to puke, not nice for her.

Well hopefully its onwards and can only go upwards

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2015, 11:04
by beercan
Just reading through the fb page and Duncan Meyers has left some comments regards probes apparently they asked for thermapens but ended up with a heston/salter probe which he says a number of them used a lot but was obviously edited.

Your not wrong about Solomon and the fish he actually said it scared him and he had never filleted before I wonder if he had the same interview as Wade if he did Id love to know what his answer was to the question about filleting fish.

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2015, 17:08
by Smokin Monkey
I had a Friend on Come Dine With Me, who managed to get himself Kicked Off, so Simon must of done something right on that show!

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2015, 08:07
To be honest the show is a mix of Ready Steady Cook, Mater Chef and British Bake off but
not in the same Klass . Also the host of the show are poor letting someone go through with a
cooked Chicken and served it PINK with PINK juice / liquid in the Grill off. The show would be
better withbetter hosts like say Marco Per White , James Martin & Brian Turner. Also get rid of the yank
he Is putting poeple off the show. The idea of the shoe is good but put together badly the BBC would
have made a better program .

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2015, 15:35
by Kiska95
I had a mate "chocolate" (nickname) who on Come Dine With Me asked the fishmonger if the lobsters were fresh, they were alive!!!!!
I think Richman is trying his best to try and enthuse something out of the show.
I would put Brian Turner at the same charismatic level as Worrell Thompson defo turn the telly off guys. But I think the guy with the teeth is struggling and Klass ain't doing much so Richman is on his own! Now a Hairy Biker that would have been a show "quintessentially" :D

Re: Barbecue Cookoff TV Show

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2015, 20:30
by Mj2k
Well tonight might work out, low & slow....on sky+ so am 10 minutes behind everyone else.

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