Forum Terms Update - Please Read

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Forum Terms Update - Please Read

Postby British BBQ Society » 08 Jan 2011, 08:22

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say we have had a lot of spam user accounts set up over the last couple of weeks (which have been deleted) it is important for the society to have genuine numbers on here rather than use spam accounts to boost numbers. If you see a thread or comments disappear they have been deemed inappropriate, if something has been deleted in error please let me know.

The forum is also non commercial, if posts are made in about selling items they will be removed, remember there is a items for sale / wanted section.


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Re: Forum Terms Update - Please Read

Postby Chris__M » 09 Jan 2011, 00:53

Forum spam, the bane of my life.

Don't know if you know of as a resource. I found it quite easy to integrate their API into my (oldstyle version 2.X) phpBB. I find it weeds out the majority of my forum spam, and the few I catch, I update to them, so others benefit from my finds.
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