Dirty Veal

Dirty Veal

Postby SaySausages.com » 07 Mar 2013, 10:00

Veal has until recent years been a dirty word in the world of meat. Veal calves kept in crates and poorly treated. But no longer, veal is set for huge growth, it’s just us consumers who need convincing that it is ok to eat now. Rose veal is a world away from the veal of old, and is now positively encoraged by the RSPCA, the male dairy calves would otherwise be shot shortly after birth, but can now be enjoyed as a wonderful meat, guilt free. I bought a couple of T-bone Rose veal steaks from my local farmers market, and cooked them “Dirty” straight on the coals in my wood fired oven, this is such a good way to cook steaks, as it chars them quickly on the outside, and gives a lovely crisp smoky outside, while the inside can still be medium rare, a revelation. We enjoyed this sprinkled with salt and pepper, and with a little salad while cooking our first pizza on the wood fired oven of the season. Cheers Marcus http://countrywoodsmoke.com/

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