IBQN Certified Judges Class – 26th April

Re: IBQN Certified Judges Class – 26th April

Postby slatts » 08 Jan 2015, 19:17

Congratulations on twin boys Toby
Thanks for the reply, im looking forward to doing my first comp this year and would love to do the grass roots, would the uds build be included in the easter one or is that put on hold. I'll do any grass roots either way.

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Re: IBQN Certified Judges Class – 26th April

Postby Toby » 08 Jan 2015, 19:53

First one will just be grassroots, I may be able to do something with the uds build but will have to see
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Re: IBQN Certified Judges Class – 26th April

Postby BraaiMeesterWannabe » 08 Jan 2015, 22:42

[quote="Toby"][quote="JBBQ"]Hopefully event dates will be announced soon too? Need to make sure I can make more than 1 this year.[/quote]

They will be, with the arrival of twin boys the first week of may my schedule has been thrown up in the air. First event will be easter weekend, full details will be out in a couple of weeks[/quote]
I have twin boys. 7 years old now. Very tiring for the first bit, but now they entertain each other on a Saturday morning for a while so we get a lie in!
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