Guy Fawkin Hot & Fast BBQ Competition inc Fireworks

Guy Fawkin Hot & Fast BBQ Competition inc Fireworks

Postby » 15 Oct 2013, 17:40

What was supposed to be a quiet year for us has turned into one of the busiest and most successful since we began with just 7 teams in 2009. We decided to take a gamble and put on a winter competition and thought we should mix it up with a bit of Guy Fawkes and have a bonfire and fireworks. For anyone that knows what we do the bonfire isnt going to be small and the fireworks are going to be significant……… Team entry will remain at £50 for a team of upto 5 adults plus £5 per head contribution towards food and fireworks. We will be releasing additional tickets towards the end of October for anyone that would like to come along costing £10 per adult. These will initially be offered to team friends, family and forum members. As this will be held at mine it would be nice to know everyone has some sort of connection. Turn in times for the competition will be on Saturday at the following times 15:00 Chicken 15:30 Ribs 16:00 Pork 16:30 Brisket This allows those that want to cook low and slow from the Friday to do so, it also allows teams to arrive early on Saturday morning, and cook hot and fast. I have no doubt that there will be a good social gathering on the Friday however that would be reserved for any judges and teams that are ………. Foolish enough to want to spend another night in the cold………. And cook low and slow. If you would like further information or to book a place please email or to enter visit

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