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Where can I BBQ

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2017, 13:16
by leewilson78
Love BBQ at home, I now have a new weber go anywhere and plan to keep it in the campervan. The question is, how do I know where I can and can't bbq in the uk.

I live on the Suffolk coast, there are beaches and forest on my doorstep, what are the rules?

Appreciate any advice.

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Re: Where can I BBQ

PostPosted: 10 May 2017, 19:49
by Jediboy
Not aware of any 'rules' about this. Except where signs state no bbqs.
I think common sense is important to avoid and issues.

Re: Where can I BBQ

PostPosted: 14 May 2017, 09:10
by BraaiMeesterWannabe
Agreed. Just common sense unless there are signs to the contrary

Re: Where can I BBQ

PostPosted: 23 May 2017, 11:26
by beercan
Common sense is the best policy however you should also check your local by laws as this is where you will find any rules regarding bbq, fires etc
As daft as it sounds they can vary a lot between areas in fact some will even stipulate times that you are allowed to bbq and on some beaches certain areas you can and yet others within a short distance you can't so just run an internet search on the areas you plan to go to and you should be able to find the answers

Interestingly in Suffolk just had a quick look and its says no bbq's are allowed on beaches covered by Waveney district council so always good to check