Non Kettle BBQ advice

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Non Kettle BBQ advice

Postby Simonm » 05 Aug 2017, 20:39

Hi all,

I'm very new to proper BBQing and looking to get my first proper grill. In 'discussions' with the mrs about what we should get. Couldn't decide between a gas or charcoal so looked into getting a dual bbq from wilko as it was only 175. Then I came across this forum and I'm glad we didn't go ahead with it!

I'm looking to get a charcoal BBQ now (might get a separate gas one at a later date) and wanting to do some low and slow cooking. The Weber kettle fits the bill from the functionality but my other half isn't keen on the look of it. Something like a Landmann Tennessee is more the style but not hearing good things about them on this forum.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a BBQ that will fit the bill? If there really isn't anything else we'll have to go for the kettle but thought I would ask.


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Re: Non Kettle BBQ advice

Postby Tiny » 10 Aug 2017, 10:36

Hello chum,If you have searched the forum then my view on the Landmann will be clear. In terms of a charcoal affair that can do a wide range then a kettle really is your best bet. An alternative on the gas front is to go for a large hooded gasser like an outback, Weber or Napolean and use this to cook indirect. you can buy metal boxes to put wood chips in to give you the smokey flavour so for me this is a simple way of entering the game.

Alternatively you could go for a smashing pellet cooker like my GMG which does everything and is dead easy to use and I am told looks th part. But this is upping the budget significantly, if you are prepared to do this then you could also look at ceramic cookers like the green eggs, monoliths and Komado Joe. This may also be a way to show your wife what good value the Weber Kettle is :)

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