Review Spitfire BBQ Bristol

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Review Spitfire BBQ Bristol

Postby Tiny » 17 Aug 2017, 09:20

Having been thwarted on my effort to go to Hangfire in Wales we decided to nip in to Spitfire in Bristol on the way home.

Its a big old place and the website advises its wise to book , but on a Tuesday lunchtime the place was no more than 20% full.

Their are 2 menus, the lunchtime which is exceptional value, and the evening which is eye wateringly expensive.

Decided to try both, with 2 starters, BBQ burnt ends and Spitfire bombs, the latter described as Jalapenos filled with cream and cheedar cheese and wrapped in bacon. Both weighed in at £6.95.

Both were disappointing, the 5 large chunks of brisket in a good sauce varied in texture from splendid and tender to inedible. They also cane in a metal dish that made cutting them impossible and they were too large to eat in a oner so youronly real option was to stab with a fork and gnaw at them like a toffee apple.

Similar eatability issues with the bombs. Bacon not crispy so again you were gnawing and squishing the stuffing out left right and centre. I have eaten many Jaepenos, never come across any as eye wateringly hot as these.

So at this point I fear I am in deep trouble with Mrs Tiny, we have driven an hour out of the way to pay nearly £14 for 2 starters her head is on fire with the chilli, and only my Guide dog Gunner is happy with 40% of the burnt ends going his way.

The lunch menu offers a range of wraps filled with good things, fries and a drink for £6.50. I went for the pulled Pork and she opted for the Chuck Norris, a pulled beef affair. We added onion strings as an extra.

The pulled pork was textured flavoursome and moist with the right mix of soft and chewy, the beef a similar affair although some of it had been seared crispy and as a whole it was a nourishing unctuous and very satisfying eat. The chips came in an good sized bowl and were proper good eating chips, the onion strings were an indulgent crispy fried triumph. All this for the same price as a dodgy mcDs is a top bargain.

To be fair I had a good discussion with the manager on the bburnt ends and he agreed they were not the best and took the charge off the bill.

So for a brief lunch I would heartily recommend it, but not so sure about the full BBQ experience, they are running an FEC in the kitchen and have a Yoda, could have been Yarda outside but this was firmly wrapped in a tarpaulin so may only come out at weekends. I mentioned the evening menu, the only sharing platter they had came in at £57 for 2 and this contains a lot of food but they seem to be missing a trick. I ideally want a platter with a couple of baby backs, some PP, a few slices of brisket and a thigh or 2, perhaps a wing. But if you fancied wings you could have a bucket of them for £15 but not one or 2 to try. Similarly ribs were £22+ and the online pictures Mrs Tiny described seems like you get plenty, but I cant eat a bucket of wings and a massive rack of ribs, I know Gunner the Guide Dog would help but…..The beef rib at 5p shy of £30 also set my nerves jangling, to try what I wanted to try I reckon we would have had to have a team of 5 and £150 in folding to cover everythin.

So would go back for lunch but not sure I would risk an evening visit.
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