Christmas turkey

From a humble Hot Wing to a full Christmas Turkey, BBQ applies to all. Post here if you have any good recipes.

Re: Christmas turkey

Postby Tiny » 23 Dec 2013, 17:17

Turkey legs are the instruments of satan himself, there is literally nothing can be done with them to make them edible, sinewy things full of hateful nastiness. I am not underplaying this, the turkey leg was to be included in the TV show "I am a very minor celebrity" for their bush tucker trial but it was ruled by the European court of human rights as "inhumane to expect anyone to consume an instrument of such fundamental vileness"

Personally would go for a crown or rolled breast, I like to cook hotter than the usual low and slow as there are no fibres that need to break down and I do like a crispy skin. As others will vouch no doubt less is more on the smoke front as Turkey drinks it up and can easily over smoke. But it is jolly good if you nail it.....

Good luck
PS Turkey legs, not good.....:)
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Re: Christmas turkey

Postby PeteW » 25 Dec 2013, 22:04

Oh bugger. I popped into the butchers on Monday morning to pick up some hog casings (made pigs in blankets from scratch this year - homemade sausages + home cured/smoked bacon) and saw they had packs of two legs for a fiver, so picked a couple up. Oh well, they're bringing now, I'll see how it goes..!
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