Charcoal thread?

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Charcoal thread?

Postby gullsrock » 07 Mar 2017, 19:42

Hi, I have just joined the forum and looking for tips on my first long smoke using the small 14.5 WSM. I am certain the subject will have been covered many times before. Could someone point me in the direction of any posts on preferences for charcoal suitable for a long cook on this sized smoker. I have read brief comments about natural briquettes to avoid chemical smells and that lumps may be too hot? Even does it really matter... I am also looking for which members feel is the best charcoal brand and product. Thanks :D
Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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Re: Charcoal thread?

Postby derekmiller » 10 Mar 2017, 07:38

For a quick start, you cant go wrong with Heatbeads. They will get you going and you can do more research on the other makes.
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