Weber smokey mountain 47cm

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Weber smokey mountain 47cm

Postby Mike76 » 25 Feb 2018, 23:43

Hi everybody! Just joined and much appreciate all the discussions, I own a kettle bbq and have been looking at purchasing a Weber smokey mountain for at least 18 month! And have more or less decided on the medium size 47cm due to using it quite a lot come rain or shine (it will be undercover) for a family of 4. Any advice on my chosen 47cm model would be great....I’m thinking of (quality) charcoal usage,temp control and that the 57 is just not needed ???? Always have the kettle as back up cooking Any help thx
Still Raw Inside
Still Raw Inside
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Re: Weber smokey mountain 47cm

Postby Hoogl85 » 30 Mar 2018, 22:20

Hi Mike,

I had a similar dilemma last year. I was weighing up the WSM sizes and although it is just me and my partner I ended up going for the 57cm model. The 37cm I felt was too small not just in capacity but mainly height for working at. I was going to buy the 47cm but opted in the end for the 57cm. Mainly because I wanted to be able to do a full side of salmon without cutting it. It doesn't effect taste just looks impressive. In-fact I was able to do one and a full Gammon joint at the same time for Xmas eve dinner at my in-laws. Despite their Turkey being a Costco crown my food from previous day still overshadowed.

I was also able to throw on 3x2kg of Pork Shoulder and over 2kg of chicken wings at the same time for my fathers bowling club in Mid December.

In terms of fuel it does eat a good 10kg a time but I generally do long 6-8hr smokes. I'm going to try a quick 2-3 hr smoke tomorrow for more Salmon and a Cowboy steak that Lidl had on offer this week.

I felt as I had the cash I would opt for the bigger model as have heard many say they wished they had and it allows for me if my family expands.

The main downside for me isn't the extra fuel but the 57cm grates can be a bugger to clean as they don't fit in the sink and I also have to use two sheets of foil to wrap my water pan. Also the weight of the main cylinder can be heavy if you need to break down mid cook.

I think either way you'll be a happy camper.
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Still Raw Inside
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