Geneve - Westbourne Dorset

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Geneve - Westbourne Dorset

Postby Skinny T » 14 Jan 2015, 17:24

Been to this restaurant three times now and it's awesome. Mainly a burger joint but have their own smoker and produce some wicked pulled pork to top their burgers. Also offer smoked wings with a variety of different heat levels. Got to level 4 so far and dammmmmmmm they were hot don't think I'll try any hotter :shock:

The team that run the place are really friendly and couldn't provide better service, put this with good music and excellent food and you've got a winner.

Definitely worth a visit, certainly know I will be going back.
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Skinny T
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Re: Geneve - Westbourne Dorset

Postby gingerchris » 20 Jan 2015, 16:43

I've been past here a couple of times and wanted to go in - now I've got no excuse not to.
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